Artemis Collection

Gaia Collection

Isis Collection

Oceanus Collection

Pallas Collection

Gaia - Inspired by the Earth Goddess, this collection softens the edge of semiprecious stones such as rose quartz, obsidian, jade, and carnelian with the voluptuous luminosty of pearls.
Oceanus - The River God governs the powers of the sea, combining all of the sea's treasures to create irresistible mystery.
Isis - The Egyptian Goddess of Rebirth and Agriculture is smiling over the unique combination of pearls used with ceramic materials such as faeince and Raku in this completely original collection
Artemis - The Goddess of the Moon was the original feminist, so this straightforward, pure collection brings the sophistication of pearls into the 21st century with uncomprimising dexterity as it celebrates the pearls luminous connection to the moon.
Pallas - The Goddess of Wisdom knew that pearls would be in fashion for eternity; she would be pleased at the array of shapes and colors of pearls as presented in this exquisitely strong and elegant grouping.
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