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The Calypso necklace from the Oceanus Collection.

Larkin Hill, a native Charlestonian, has a passion for ancient history, a love of all things beautiful (especially jewelry) and a fabulous sense of humor and whimsy. She combines her passion with a modern sensibility for timeless designs that will create their own places in future generations of fashion and culture.

Her focus on pearls was a natural given their historic appeal, the wide array of colors and shapes and the beauty and mystery associated with wearing them. Larkin's practical side likes the fact that they are a reusable and a renewable resource.

The fact that Larkin's pearl creations are individually unique makes each item a one-of-a-kind treasure. Every piece is hand-made using only the finest silks and metals and stones to complement the pearls. Many of the designs are limited to one suite of necklace, earrings and a bracelet, depending on the availability of the materials. Those using vintage or antique findings, beads and stones are extremely limited.

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